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Horse Guard News
Horse Guard News
A Product that is 100% 
Dedicated to Hoof Health and Coat Conditioning
June 19, 2019 / By Kelsey Johnson Nonella
Hoof & Hair Guard provides 100 mg of biotin per dose with support from important nutrients such as methionine and zinc. It is carried in extruded soybeans which provide high quality protein and oils which are basic to hair conditioning and hoof health. 
1. 100 mg of biotin per dose
This is 5 times the biotin of most hoof health products. 
Biotin helps strengthen hair and hooves
2. Methionine
An essential amino acid that works synergistically with the other hoof nutrients to help deliver healthy replacement of structural protein for the hoof.
3. Zinc Proteinate
Aids greatly in improving hoof strength and resistance to cracks. 
The proteinated form of zinc that we use has a much higher 
absorption rate than other forms of zinc.
4. Protein
Hoof & Hair Guard is in a soybean base that aids in 
providing an easily digestible protein.
5. Soy Oils 
These healthy oils provide energy and promote 
an attractive glossy hair coat.
What You Will Get With 
Hoof And Hair Guard
  • Grows New Hoof Stronger & Faster - Includes 100 mg of Biotin plus Methionine, zinc and amino acids.
  • Promotes Longer, Thicker Manes & Tails - Includes select amino acids including lysine which support the structural proteins in hair making it super strong
  • "Shines A Horse Up" thanks to soy protein and oil
  • Easy To Feed, Economical & Highly Effective - Formulated by certified equine nutritionists, Hoof & Hair Guard will make a huge difference to the look of your horses coat & the conditions of his hooves
  •  Provides You Piece Of Mind - We use only the highest quality (pharmaceutical) grade ingredients which are selected for their bio-availability
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"Hoof and Hair Guard is one of a kind product. For 2 years, I could not get my horse's mane/tail to grow. I tried all sorts of supplements, special shampoos, conditioners, ect. Nothing worked. Then I tried Hoof and Hair Guard Supplement and in less than 20 days, I could see a HUGE difference. Even during the winter months when it's extremely cold and hard to keep strong mane/tail growth, Hoof and Hair Guard keeps her mane/tail healthy, her hooves strong, and her thick coat shines. It's a miracle worker!" 
"I was mortified when my mare rubbed a section of her mane out, but my friend told me to try Hoof and Hair Guard. Within 10 days it had 2 % inches of new growth and in 40 days it was  back to normal. Thank you so much!" 
“This product got my horses coat shiny in just two weeks! Love it!"
You get a 4lb sample of
Hoof & Hair Guard
This is not enough to see a change in weight, but you will be able to see if your horse likes it, plus you get 
to discover more about this powerful product.

Give your horse today every opportunity to gain weight and the nutrition they deserve with Super 
Weight Gain from Horse Guard.
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